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Josh Roberts and another book

25 November 2008

joshrobertsJosh is with us at the moment on work experience. He studied graphic design at Bath, where he had some experience of letterpress.

He’s standing next to the book we’ve been printing, now packed up and ready to go for binding. It’s a signed transcript of Doris Lessing’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech, which is being published by Oak Tree Fine Press. Unusually, the author signed on blank paper before the printing, so we had to take extra care. 

That page was printed on our proofing press, but the rest went on the Heidelberg cylinder. The restoration work we described here paid off once again, because having the press in good condition greatly reduced setting up times.


Jessica Coatesworth

3 November 2008

Jessica is in the final year of her graphic design course at Camberwell College of Art. She’s on work experience with us, and is currently working on a poster for our stand at the letterpress day at St Bride this Friday.