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After the exhibition

18 February 2009

Now that St Jude’s in the City has finished we have our exhibits back. It seemed a shame to hide them away, so here are some of them in our composing and kitchen areas.



St Jude’s and the snow

4 February 2009

snowThis was the view from our window on Monday morning. It took a lot of walking to get here, and there was more to be done to get to the Bankside Gallery for the opening of St Jude’s In The City.

Amazingly, the gallery was full that evening, despite the fact that so many people couldn’t get there. There’s going to be another gathering this Sunday, 8 Februay, from 2-4 pm. Please do join us if you can.

By that time our exhibit will be as we originally intended. The eight framed panels we had made were stuck at the framers on Monday. They’re being installed today.