St Bride Letterpress Conference

22 September 2008

The title of this year’s St Bride Conference is Letterpress: A Celebration. Anyone who reads about the history of printing soon comes in contact with the St Bride Library, so it is a great honour to Phil to have been asked to speak at the conference. He intends to talk about how he came to start Hand & Eye, what we do now and how we do it, all profusely illustrated. We will also have an exhibition stand where Phil and Rosa will be pleased to see you.

The conference takes place on Friday 7 November from 9.30 am to 5 pm.


3 Responses to “St Bride Letterpress Conference”

  1. […] She’s on work experience with us, and is currently working on a poster for our stand at the letterpress day at St Bride this […]

  2. […] of Ultrabold, the journal of the Friends of St Bride, includes an article Phil wrote based on his talk at Letterpress, A Celebration last November. We’ve put the text online here, but we’d […]

  3. […] Randle, all ex-Hand & Eye, and Sandro Berra, director of the wonderful Tipoteca Italiana. The previous letterpress conference at St Bride was enormously successful and was sold out long in advance, so book your tickets […]

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