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More Shakespeare

16 October 2008

We have had deliveries of type and paper for Sonnets and Poems, the next volume we’re printing for the Letterpress Shakespeare. It’s going to use more than three times the amount of paper in the picture, and will keep our Heidelberg SB busy almost till Christmas.


Catherine Hiley

16 October 2008

Catherine is a print maker based in Edinburgh. She is doing work experience with us this week and next.

Mike Hunter

12 October 2008

We are pleased to say that Mike is now working with us. Rosa has begun the final year of her graphic design course so she can only be with us two days each week. Mike is doing the other three, and we wish him well.

He will be imposing formes when we start printing Shakespeare Sonnets and Poems next week, and in due course will learn to run the platen. That’s beside all the day-to-day tasks that keep us occupied too.

Evelin Kasikov

1 October 2008

Evelin joined us for work experience this week. She graduated this summer from the Graphic Design course at Central St Martins.