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Printing The Greater Journey

30 August 2008

We have started printing The Greater Journey. It’s going to be a large book, 340 x 260 mm, and as we’re printing four pages at a time the sheets are big. At 540 x 760 mm they are almost at the limit of our Heidelberg SB. There will be nearly 2000 of them to send to The Fine Book Bindery in Wellingborough. Packing them up to survive an overnight courier safely could be tricky, so putting them on a pallet looks like the best option.

Publication date is 13 September, so we’d better get a move on…


Mike Hunter

30 August 2008

Mike has joined us for work experience. Earlier this summer he graduated from Glasgow School of Art’s Visual Communication course with first class honours.

Whittington Summer Show

19 August 2008

On Saturday 6 September we will be taking part in the Whittington Press open day. We will be selling books and cards, and a poster that Rosa is printing specially. The open day is always most enjoyable, and is part of the Whittington Summer Show, which has a number of other attractions. Please do come and see us.

Whittington is five miles east of Cheltenham, just off the A40.

In Production

3 August 2008


Greater Journey pages

Greater Journey pages

On Friday we received the type for The Greater Journey. It has been set and cast by Harry McIntosh on his amazing computer-driven Monotype system. There will be two volumes, one of poems by Peter Abbs and the other of photographs by John Pack. John is printing all his images digitally.


We have started to make up the pages.