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New poster, new web site

30 March 2010’re very pleased to announce that we have a new poster and a new website on which to show it.

Having done tributes to Count Basie, Clark Terry and Jimmy Rushing we had to do Duke Ellington. We asked Daley Walton to make a lino cut for it, and when we saw his image we realised that we didn’t need a quotation: ‘The Duke’ said it all.


Exciting times

30 March 2010

Gerry adjusting our MonotypeWe had the Monotype lesson we mentioned last time on Friday, and it was exciting as we had hoped. We had the good fortune to be shown the ropes by Gerry Drayton, who ran the school at the factory at Salfords. You can see him in our picture. We can now change a mould and get the machine set up and running. We couldn’t cast anything other than spaces because of a missing part, which has now been replaced.

Yesterday we started to connect up the computer interface. Everything but a motion sensor is now fitted, and we plan to finish that off tomorrow. Then there’s some tinkering with software to be done, and we’ll finally be ready to start casting properly.

We also had a visit from The Guardian yesterday. Journalist Jon Henley and photographer Graeme Robertson came to do a piece about us for their Disappearing Acts series. It will be in the Work section of the paper next Saturday, 4 April, and will be on their web site a few days later.


23 March 2010

It’s three months since our Monotype machines were installed, but there have been a couple of hurdles to overcome before we can start casting type.

The first was getting them plumbed in. Fitting a water supply was fairly straightforward, in theory at least. What to do with the waste was trickier, as we are on the ground floor and the water runs out fairly close to floor level. We enlisted the help of a couple of people with many years experience of the machines, and it took several weeks to get them together with our plumber. The solution we came up with was for the water to flow out to a small tank fitted with a pump that pumps the waste to the drain when it reaches a certain height.

We were very happy with the work done by Buckinghams, the plumbers, and they connected up the air lines from the compressor to the casters. Unfortunately we ran into another problem when they were tested, because the compressor wasn’t cutting out as it should do. We’ve had that repaired now, and had an inline pressure regulator fitted. What is more, the second and final part of the computer interface that will run the casters is due for delivery today, so everything is finally ready to go. We’re having our first casting lesson on Friday.