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What we get up to when we don’t have work

27 February 2010

Colour experimentsRosa and Anzuo, our current intern, spent some time this week working on colours for our next poster. It will be a tribute to Duke Ellington, and will feature a lino cut by Daley Walton.


Gill Sans poster

15 February 2010

We were pleased to be asked to contribute to the special edition of the next issue of Parenthesis, the journal of the Fine Press Book Association. The initial idea of a specimen of the type that we got from the Rampant Lions Press soon became a poster showing all the Gill Sans that we hold. In the end we had to leave out a couple of sizes because there wasn’t enough room for them on the page, but it’s a pretty complete record.

The poster was designed by Rosa, and as usual it is available from our ebay shop.

Ratings enabled

14 February 2010

We found this morning when fooling around with our blog settings that we could let you rate us. We’re in two minds about this: what if you all say that our entries stink? On the other hand, you don’t have to read us if you don’t like what’s here, and it could be interesting to see which, if any, posts are best received.

If there are any particularly popular posts we could use them to help us to decide what to write about in the future. We don’t intend to, though. This blog is here to tell you about things we like and/or that we would like to tell you about.

Making up pages for Jekyll and Hyde

4 February 2010

Later this year we’re publishing an illustrated edition of RL Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Or rather, it’s being published by Hand & Eye Editions, which we run with Brian Webb. It will be illustrated by Angela Barrett, and of course we’re very excited about it.

Our Monotype machines, one of which you can see in the background of the picture, aren’t running yet, so the book has been set by Harry McIntosh in Edinburgh. We’ve now had thirty galleys of 10-on-12 point Plantin from him, and we’ve been busy making them up into pages.