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New poster

30 May 2010

We’ve had a list of quotes for posters for a while now, and this is one that we like. Why should art be serious, after all?

Overprinting two transparent colours to make a third one has interested us for some time, and we came across some interesting accidental examples of it when we were reprinting Tutti Frutti last year. We thought we’d see if we could make something similar happen with this, and ended up using cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The Garamond Italic was printed as a separate working, the colour mixed to match the green made by the overprinting.

We hope you like it. And we hope you’ll buy it from our poster website.


Monotype at last

18 May 2010

Yesterday we  cast a full galley of type for the first time. We’d been getting a whole load of inconsistencies before, like rogue commas at the beginning of lines. We thought we’d tried everything, and we were about to unhitch the computer interface and have a go at casting a paper spool to see if we could find where the fault lay. We had another go before doing that, and Nick did some very fine adjustments to the pressure of the air going to the caster. That did the trick.

Our attempts to get the Monotype working have been interfering with the rest of out work. We have started work on The Taming of the Shrew, and we’re not as far along as we should be.

There’s been another distraction, because Phil is giving a talk at the Edward Johnston Foundation Ditchling Seminar on Sunday.