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Moons, fishes and playing cards

30 July 2010

An unlikely combination, perhaps, and the only reason we’ve brought them together is that we have matrices for them all in one of our 10 point die cases. We cast them at the same time as the symbol founts, and now they’re in our shop.


Monotype borders

26 July 2010

Life has been rather hectic since we got back from our holidays, and we’ve only run the caster a couple of times. The computer system that controls it depends on a web application, and as its server has been crashing and we’ve come up against some limitations of the program we haven’t achieved as much as we’d hoped. We didn’t have any words ready to go on Friday, so we thought we’d have a look at the border matrices that came as part of our installation. You can see the type sitting on the caster in our picture, and proofs of the borders themselves in our ebay store.

Internship vacancy filled

4 July 2010

Well, the internet’s done it again. We have an intern for the two weeks from 12 July.

Great printing. Mostly

3 July 2010

‘We make great printing,’ we say on our website. It’s quite a boast, but generally speaking we’re rather proud of the standard of our work. Sometimes, though things go horribly wrong, and this week they did, twice on the same job. We’ll spare you the gory details, and us the anguish of reliving it all, but it was not good. We can’t even put it right as we’re away on holiday next week.

On a more positive note, we’ve had a second regulator fitted to the compressor, so now our Monotype caster is getting much more even air pressure. We’ve done a little testing, and so far we’re quietly optimistic that it’s going to help greatly.

Internship vacancy, 12-23 July

3 July 2010

Please send us an email if you’d like to take up the place. We’ll post here again when the vacancy’s filled.