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48 hour poster sales

19 January 2012

On 20 and 21 January everything on our poster website,, will cost only £25.00 plus postage and packing, a reduction of 50% on many items.

What are you waiting for?


Imaginary Menagerie

27 September 2011

Imaginary Menagerietext/gallery have asked us to take part in Imaginary Menagerie, their forthcoming exhibition of tongue twisters. Mary Plunkett, who is with us from Dublin on a three month Leonardo de Vinci project grant, is making two prints with wood type. You can see them at the gallery from 20 October to 22 November, and we’ll be posting photos of them too.

New poster

30 May 2010

We’ve had a list of quotes for posters for a while now, and this is one that we like. Why should art be serious, after all?

Overprinting two transparent colours to make a third one has interested us for some time, and we came across some interesting accidental examples of it when we were reprinting Tutti Frutti last year. We thought we’d see if we could make something similar happen with this, and ended up using cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The Garamond Italic was printed as a separate working, the colour mixed to match the green made by the overprinting.

We hope you like it. And we hope you’ll buy it from our poster website.

New poster, new web site

30 March 2010’re very pleased to announce that we have a new poster and a new website on which to show it.

Having done tributes to Count Basie, Clark Terry and Jimmy Rushing we had to do Duke Ellington. We asked Daley Walton to make a lino cut for it, and when we saw his image we realised that we didn’t need a quotation: ‘The Duke’ said it all.

What we get up to when we don’t have work

27 February 2010

Colour experimentsRosa and Anzuo, our current intern, spent some time this week working on colours for our next poster. It will be a tribute to Duke Ellington, and will feature a lino cut by Daley Walton.

Gill Sans poster

15 February 2010

We were pleased to be asked to contribute to the special edition of the next issue of Parenthesis, the journal of the Fine Press Book Association. The initial idea of a specimen of the type that we got from the Rampant Lions Press soon became a poster showing all the Gill Sans that we hold. In the end we had to leave out a couple of sizes because there wasn’t enough room for them on the page, but it’s a pretty complete record.

The poster was designed by Rosa, and as usual it is available from our ebay shop.

Art Workers Guild Christmas Fair

15 November 2009

Artworkers Guild Xmas FairWe will have a stand at the Fair where we’ll be selling our Christmas cards, posters and books. We hope to see you there.

Mark Twain poster

17 October 2009

TwainMark Twain is a bit of a hero around here. He’s best known as a writer, of course, and a great one. We really like his description of his time as a cub pilot on a Mississippi steamboat.

Less well known is that one of his first jobs was as a compositor. He found it such drudgery that he later invested a lot of money in a type setting machine. Sadly for him his investment wasn’t a good one.

He was also a wit, of course, and when we found this quote we couldn’t resist it.

As usual, you can find this in our ebay shop.

The return of Tutti Frutti

15 October 2009

TuttiFrutti2Tutti Frutti is back! We were thrilled with the response to the original print and both pleased and sorry that it sold out. Sorry because it was a limited edition, so nobody else could get it. We obviously couldn’t do a straight reprint, but we could do a new version, and that’s what we’ve done. The layout is changed, and Rosa chose a stunning new set of vibrant colours. What’s more, we haven’t signed or numbered them, so we’ve brought the price down.

Tutti Frutti is in our ebay store and at Ben Pentreath now, and Keep Calm will have it next week.

God is in the details

20 September 2009

MiesWe’ve always preferred the idea of god being in the details to the alternate version, where it’s the devil. We try to pay attention to the details in our work, which is why we chose to make this poster.

Once we had decided to use metallic inks on black paper we knew we had to under-print them to bring out their brilliance. There is opaque white under the silver and yellow under the gold. We used Fabriano Ingres 160 gsm paper, trimmed on two edges to 700 x 500 mm.

Like most of our other posters, you can find it in our shop.