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Michael Harvey, Adventures With Letters

26 June 2012

Adventures With LettersMichael Harvey has been working with letters for more than sixty years. He has drawn them and cut them, he has written about them and taught them, he has made fonts. He was taught by Joseph Cribb and Reynolds Stone who in turn were taught by Eric Gill, so he links the current generation of lettering and type design with the great revival of the Arts and Crafts movement. Having absorbed its influence he moved on to other letter forms, sometimes exploring for its own sake, always considering the function of what he was doing.

Now he has told the story of his Adventures with Letters in a book that he has written, designed and illustrated with numerous drawings, photographs and type specimens. It’s published by his 47 editions imprint, and we’re very pleased that he’s asked us to distribute it. It is available here, now!


Review of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on the book blog

21 March 2012

It’s always nice when our work gets attention, and even nicer when it’s favourable, so we were very pleased to see the review of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on the Book Blog. As well as being well-researched it features a number of nice photos of the book.

Great reception for Jekyll and Hyde

22 December 2011

We’re very pleased that Books and Vines has had some nice things to say about our Jekyll and Hyde. There are some interesting and complementary comments, too. We learnt there that the correct title of the book is Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, with no definite article, and were pleased to see Edward A Wilson’s illustrations for the Limited Editions Club edition of 1952.

We’ve also had a nice email from a reader in the USA:

‘My friend Chris Adamson,’ he writes, ‘who is the guiding light behind the fine press & private press blog and website “Books and Vines” sent digital photos of the book to me via e-mail and it is a clearcut  “home-run”, a book I simply could not pass on. The book design is superb and Ms. Barrett’s illustrations are splendid, atmospheric, perfectly in tune with the mood and feel of this small masterpiece.  I look forward to receiving it and adding it to my library.”

Jekyll & Hyde award

9 November 2011

The biennial Oxford Fine Press Book Fair was held last weekend, and one of our exhibits was our edition of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. We’ve been rather quiet about that book for a while, because shortly after publication last year we found a serious typographic error. We reprinted the text over the summer, and had Angela Barrett’s illustrations reprinted by Northend Creative Print Solutions, who did an outstanding job. We’re very pleased with the result, so it was particularly gratifying that Angela was the sole winner the Parrot Prize for illustration at the fair.

We were also pleased that we sold all the copies we had. Smith Settle are now binding the rest of the edition, and it will be available soon from our new book website,

Henry Bowers’ diary

21 August 2011

Henry Robertson Bowers was a member of Robert Scott’s second Antarctic expedition, and one of the party of five who reached the South Pole in January 1912. He kept a diary throughout his time in Antarctica. It is now the property of the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge, who are publishing it for the first time. We are delighted that they have chosen us to print the book. It will be set in Monotype Imprint, issued by the Monotype Corporation in 1912.

The book is currently being planned. It will probably be set in 10/11 point, and we’re doing tests, calculations and estimates to decide on paper and number of pages.

We intend to Tweet about the project as it progresses.


Bound copies of Jekyll & Hyde

15 November 2010

Bound copies of Jekyll & HydeHere are the first sixty bound copy of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, complete with illustration on the front and label on the spine. Hannah finished them today, Angela’s coming to sign them tomorrow, and the launch is on Wednesday. Yippeee! It’s from 10 am to 7 pm at Few and Far, 242 Brompton Road, London SW3 2BB, and we hope to see you there.

Binding Jekyll & Hyde

9 November 2010

Jekyll & HydeHere are the book blocks for The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which Hannah Byles is binding for us. We had the printed sheets machine folded, and Hannah has sewn them all and stuck on the endpapers. They’re trimmed down and ready to be cased in black cloth. Then we have until the launch on 17 November to tip in the illustrations.


Making up pages for Jekyll and Hyde

4 February 2010

Later this year we’re publishing an illustrated edition of RL Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Or rather, it’s being published by Hand & Eye Editions, which we run with Brian Webb. It will be illustrated by Angela Barrett, and of course we’re very excited about it.

Our Monotype machines, one of which you can see in the background of the picture, aren’t running yet, so the book has been set by Harry McIntosh in Edinburgh. We’ve now had thirty galleys of 10-on-12 point Plantin from him, and we’ve been busy making them up into pages.

Art Workers Guild Christmas Fair

15 November 2009

Artworkers Guild Xmas FairWe will have a stand at the Fair where we’ll be selling our Christmas cards, posters and books. We hope to see you there.


23 October 2009

InsectissimoInsectissimo is the third in our Paw Prints series. Once again it is written by Holly Skeet. The pictures by Chris Brown have been printed direct from his lino blocks.

We’ve put it in our ebay shop listed as a children’s book. It wasn’t easy to decide on a category, as we think it will be loved by people of all ages. A friend lent her copy of Circus Minimus, its predecessor, to her grown up daughter, who didn’t want to give it back.