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The Saloon

19 March 2009

San Francisco is a magical city with many wonders. One of them is The Saloon, a blues bar at Columbus and Grant, where I’ve been spending more than a fair share of my time.

It is all that a bar should be, untouched since who knows when, dingy and, above all, with great bands and juke box. Most of the musicians look as if they’ve been playing there since the last time the decorators were in.

The first two times I went in the bar tender was a man who had made an art of his job. He never stopped, his fluid movements in time with the music, spinning glasses in the air, catching them and then sweepng them behind his back and down the bar…

As my travelling companion is Michael Harvey, lettering artist, type designer and photographer, I have been paying particular attention to things like the notice in the second picture here. The letters are gloriously drawn and irregularly spaced. So much better than if they’d been printed out in Arial or Times.