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Exciting times

30 March 2010

Gerry adjusting our MonotypeWe had the Monotype lesson we mentioned last time on Friday, and it was exciting as we had hoped. We had the good fortune to be shown the ropes by Gerry Drayton, who ran the school at the factory at Salfords. You can see him in our picture. We can now change a mould and get the machine set up and running. We couldn’t cast anything other than spaces because of a missing part, which has now been replaced.

Yesterday we started to connect up the computer interface. Everything but a motion sensor is now fitted, and we plan to finish that off tomorrow. Then there’s some tinkering with software to be done, and we’ll finally be ready to start casting properly.

We also had a visit from The Guardian yesterday. Journalist Jon Henley and photographer Graeme Robertson came to do a piece about us for their Disappearing Acts series. It will be in the Work section of the paper next Saturday, 4 April, and will be on their web site a few days later.