Slide show at The Guardian

14 April 2010

Jon Henley’s piece about us in The Guardian on 4 April was excellent. He and Graeme Robertson were here for the best part of two hours. We showed them the basics of what we do, and they did what they do, which is to take notes, ask questions and take photographs. We thought that the resulting article read really well, and it had none of the small errors that sometimes slip in. Now it’s on their web site as a slide show with forty or fifty of Graeme’s photos and a commentary by Jon.

Out Monotype adventures continue. We bought the drill bits we needed and have already broken one of them. Next time we’ll drill out the bulk of the metal with the 1/8 inch bit before clearing the tip of the nozzle with the 1/16th. However, we still don’t think that the metal is flowing properly, so today we’re going to see if the pump body has become clogged up. It has to be taken out and drilled at over 300 deg C if it’s blocked.

The computer adaptor is now fitted the right way up. After making the correction the die case wasn’t always moving to the correct position so we refitted the adaptor. That seems to have done the trick, and we’ll know more once we get casting.


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