In the public eye

11 November 2009

Our friends at Ben Pentreath Ltd tell us that Someone Famous has bought a copy of our Always Do Sober poster. We are, of course, far too discrete to tell you who it is, but even we know that their name is frequently to be found in the tabloids.

Our entry about that poster attracted the comment that the quote is from Ernest Hemingway. We agree that the link provided does show that, but the book from which we got the quotation clearly says it’s Twain. The clincher for us is that it sounds much more his style.

Bridie in Ben’s shop had told us that Tutti Frutti was going to be in this month’s Vogue. This week we broke the habit of a lifetime and bought a copy but there was no picture of our poster. The magazine are, we hear, getting hell over the omission.

Meanwhile we have been contacted by the Financial Times’ How To Spend It Magazine. After seeing our books, posters and Christmas cards they decided to show our Xmas Christmas card. They say it will be in their 21 November edition. The card is one of seven designs we have in our store.

Our last post was about the Reynolds Stone prints we had done. We’ve seen the exhibition now, and it’s terrific. It’s on until 21 November.


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