New guillotine

9 May 2009

GuillotineWe upgraded our guillotine recently. The one we bought when we moved to Pinchin Street really wasn’t up to the job. Our instincts are to buy good quality tools but we were spending an awful lot at the time and the price of a decent paper cutter scared us off.

Sadly it proved to be a false economy. We can safely say that we would not recommend the Laser 66. It always seemed to have an intermittent fault that didn’t show itself when an engineer was present. Most annoyingly, it wouldn’t cut through some of the paper we use, often leaving the bottom sheet or two intact. And we soon found that we need to cut paper bigger than SRA2, its maximum size, more frequently than we thought.

Now we have a Wohlenberg 76 SPM that cuts beautifully. It’s solidly built and has an airbed, and we’re happy with it so far. There have been a couple of teething problems, one machine related and the other user error, but so far it looks like we’ve made the right choice.


One Response to “New guillotine”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Good choice, I wholeheartedly recommend the Wohlenberg. I myself was a victim of the inadequacies of the Laser 66, which led to several domestic arguments between myself and my wife (not to mention our awful dog!).

    All the best in your endeavours, and happy cutting!


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