Renovating a Wharfedale

28 December 2008

printingreviewThe small Yorkshire town of Otley produced printing presses for over 130 years up to the 1980s. The most famous was probably the Wharfedale, a design developed in the town but not patented, and so made by a number of different firms. Many thousands were manufactured, and some are still in use. We would like to have seen the ‘Mammoth’ ordered in May 1898 by Forman of Nottingham. It had a bed size of 78.5 x 67 inches, and took nearly a year to build.

Some years ago we were given a copy of Printing Review from 1952 that included an informative article on renovating a Wharfedale. We have passed on copies to fellow printers who have taken on one that was showing the signs of its age, and we have now posted it here.


One Response to “Renovating a Wharfedale”

  1. Thanks for posting this article Phil,

    I’m sure it will prove useful over coming months when we plan to complete the renovation of our 1888 Wharfedale.

    I’d also love to see a photo of the ‘Mammoth’ (if one exists) but am delighted that ours is a relatively petite 2-ton Royal-sized version!

    Best wishes,

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